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ETH2GC Lite - Broadband Adapter Emulator

ETH2GC Lite - Broadband Adapter Emulator

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ETH2GC is an aftermarket ethernet module for Nintendo GameCube® leveraging Broadband Adapter emulation in Swiss. Experience online and LAN multiplayer gaming on real hardware for a fraction of the price of the original Broadband Adapter!


  • Plug and play
  • 10BASE-T Ethernet using ENC28J60 NIC
  • Compatible with Nintendo GameCube® models with Serial Port 2 on the bottom
  • Incompatible with Nintendo GameBoy® Player attachment
  • Enables homebrew development on real hardware


Fully assembled unit:

  • ETH2GC unit, ready to use

DIY kit:

  • Serial Port 2 interposer board
  • Two connectors (requires soldering to the interposer PCB)
  • 3D-printed case

⚠️ The DIY kit does not come with ENC28J60 module. You have to provide it yourself. Check DIY assembly guide for instructions and purchase links.


What is the difference between Full and DIY kits?

DIY kit requires manual assembly, soldering the included connectors to interposer PCB. It does not come with ENC28J60 ethernet module, it has to be purchased seaprately. It is not advised for inexperienced users. Fully assembled unit is ready to use, just plug and play.

Does ETH2GC work standalone like the original Broadband Adapter?

No. Homebrew software Swiss is required to emulate the original Broadband Adapter behavior.

Can I use ETH2GC on unmodified system?

Swiss is required for ETH2GC. However you can load Swiss on unmodified consoles using game save exploits or Datel's Action Replay.

Is ETH2GC compatible with PicoBoot, KunaiGC, XenoGC or GC Loader?

Yes. ETH2GC is compatible with any method of loading Swiss.

Does ETH2GC work with SD2SP2 adapter?

No. Both devices use the same port. You need a different adapter which interfaces SD cards to GC's memory card slots. They come under different names: WiiSD, GC2SD, SD Gecko etc. Performance is exactly the same as SD2SP2, you won't be getting inferior experience!

Are there any limitations when using ETH2GC?

Yes. As of today, Broadband Adapter emulation feature is incompatible with loading games using physical discs. Additionally, the ENC28J60 driver is not capable of providing speeds required to stream game ISOs from network-attached storage (like RetroNAS).


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