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USB Gecko (Type-C) debugging tool for GameCube/Wii

USB Gecko (Type-C) debugging tool for GameCube/Wii

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Discover the world of Wii/GameCube development and hacking with Shuriken USB – a faithful reproduction of the legendary USB Gecko. This powerful tool connects to your computer's USB port, opening up a world of possibilities for game enthusiasts and developers.

Learn more about USB Gecko

Please note: While this isn't an official USB Gecko, the Shuriken USB offers the same incredible features and software compatibility. You won't miss out on any capabilities. Shuriken USB is a project by S.Taffs, revised and updated by me with USB-C compatibility.


  • USB 2.0 Connection: Utilize the convenience of a Type C connector
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Compatible with both GameCube and Wii (GC backwards compatible models only)
  • Enjoy the built-in LED, controlled from software
  • Works as a generic Serial device
  • Perfect for use with game hacking tools like Gecko dotNET


Please be aware that the delivered product may feature different case colors, designs, and materials.

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